In the Therapy and Bath Spa reconstructed and expanded in 2010 we are already awaiting not only those desiring healing. With our nine pools, the slides, the beach volley and beach football courts we are offering pleasant relaxation, unforgettable experiences to all age groups, families and group of friends, as well. 

Camping and holiday houses

At our campsite there are many options for the guests when they are not arriving with a caravan or tent.


The Touring Hotel*** has great traditions in the area of medical tourism and health tourism. Friendly services and direct administration receive the visitors. With the various room-types we try to satisfy the price and quality needs of the various accommodations. 


Discounts for regular guests

Discounts for regular guests

Our guests can receive coupon booklets, and collecting stamps for discounts

Group discount

Group discount

The discounted prices specified in the price-list specifying that the group price is valid throughout the year in case of a minimum 2-night reservation.

Pre- and post-season discounts

Pre- and post-season discounts

To book at least for 5 nights, we provide 10% discount on hotel rooms and holiday houses

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  • Laundry service

    Laundry service

  • Wifi


  • Value Storage

    Value Storage

  • Parking


  • Reception service

    Reception service