Cserkeszőlő where healing is recreation. The hotel and camp-site being directly connected to the Cserkeszőlő spa are awaiting with friendly and familial service, with every service of the medical and beach spa of Cserkeszőlő (Cserkeszőlő gyógy- és Strandfürdő) and the Medical Centre the guests wishing to heal, rest and relax. The hotel is situated 150 km from Budapest, halfway between Kecskemét and Békéscsaba, in a green holiday area, easily accessible from road 44.

The only hotel in Cserkeszőlő where the guests can access the spa through a closed corridor. In this way it is an ideal spa in winter and summer for everybody who would like to be as close to the spa and the medical services. The spa offers entertainment, sporting and healing possibilities for every age-group. Being a guest of either the hotel or the camp we are helping you in organising the use of the services supported by the Social Security system. In the pre-season and post-season we offer special medical packages to the guests wishing to heal.


 The Touring Hotel*** has great traditions in the area of medical tourism and health tourism. Friendly services and direct administration receive the visitors. With the various room-types we try to satisfy the price and quality needs of the various accommodations. We provide direct passage to the Cserkeszőlő Spa and Medical Centre.

The 3-storey hotel with 46 rooms and altogether 111 beds has been providing comfort for the visitors of Cserkeszőlő since 1982. Since 2003 the Municipal government of Cserkeszőlő has been the owner and operator of the surrounding area, too. We hope we can provide accommodation, relaxation and healing to our guests for many years.


  • RECEPTION: The hotel provides 24-hour reception service. We are receiving the reservations any time of the day.
  • PARKING: The guests can use free of charge the parking area before the building and the closed parking lot in the courtyard.
  • VALUABLE KEEPING: The valuables can be deposited free of charge in a central safe.
  • INTERNET: There is wireless Internet service in the building. 
  • LAUNDRY SERVICE: Everybody can use the services of the hotel’s laundry. Please contact the reception.
  • BEAUTY: The beauty parlour of the spa provides hairdresser’s, pedicure and manicure services.
  • MEDICAL SERVICES: The medical department includes rheumatology services, that involves a wide range of therapies. Should you wish to receive rheumatological services, please bring along the family doctor’s referral and inquire through the 00-36-56-568-466 phone number. In addition the medical centre includes dermatological and orthopaedic consultation, too. 

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