CAMPING COMFORTABLY from January 1 until December 31.

The Thermal Camping lies right in the vicinity of the Touring Hotel and the medical spa. Its reception is in the hotel, however from spring it has its own gate and reception service. The employees speak German and English. The reception operates from spring till autumn between 07:00 and 19:00 hours, the gate service is all day, it checks the comers and leavers, it provides information and supervises security.

The camp-site offers 200 caravan sites with electric connection, where the tent can also be used. One caravan unit is about 50 m2. There are sufficient huge trees to provide shade during the summer heat. All three common water blocks can be heated, thus the caravan-camping can be solved even during the rough periods and even the disabled can use it. There are cooking, washing, ironing possibilities for the longer stays.

For the leisure activities the reception provides information, the bicycles can also be rented here. The accommodation fees contain the entry to the adjoining medical spa equalling the number of guest nights. Every day the guests receive a daily wrist band of varying colour at the reception, it is for using the spa. We are kindly informing our guests that the band is entitling only for the use of the pools and the salt-chamber. Other services, entertaining elements can be used for a certain fee.

Service Can be found in the camp-site area? Distance from the camp-site
Restaurant, buffet Yes 0 m
Grocery shop No 200 m
Bar No 300 m
Clubs, discotheque No 300 m
Café No 200 m
Fire-building place Yes 0 m
Parking lot Yes 0 m
Information point Yes 0 m
Medical care No 300 m
Pharmacy No 400 m
Police No 500 m
Fire fighters No 6 km
Money exchange No 400 m
ATM No 50 m
Gas station No 400 m
Car service No 1000 m

Accommodation versions Health care and hygienic equipment Leisure time and sports facilities
Tent WC Beach, spa
Caravan Shower with warm-cold water Medical spa

Washing possibility, 

Emptier for RVs

Wellness services
Hotel Sports
Chemical WC Playground

Camp-site, caravan stands, tent places

  • RECEPTION: There is a separate reception at the entrance of the camp-site for guests arriving to the wooden houses of the camp-site from spring to autumn. Should you arrive to the wooden houses beyond tourism season then it is possible to check in at the hotel’s reception. The hotel provides 24-hour reception throughout the year. We accept reservations during the whole day.
  • HEATED COMMON PREMISES, WATER BLOCK: Currently all there water blocks are available for the campers.
  • VALUABLE KEEPING: The valuables can be kept in a central safe free of charge.
  • LAUNDRY SERVICE: Everybody can use the services of the hotel’s laundry. Please contact the reception.
  • BEAUTY: The beauty parlour of the spa provides hairdresser’s, pedicure and manicure services.
  • MEDICAL SERVICES: The medical department includes rheumatology services, that involves a wide range of therapies. Should you wish to receive rheumatological services, please bring along the family doctor’s referral and inquire through the 00-36-56-568-466 phone number. In addition the medical centre includes dermatological and orthopaedic consultation, too.
  • RESTAURANT: The accommodation fees of the wooden houses don’t contain catering, but if required then buffet breakfast, lunch and dinner can be provided in the Napsugár restaurant of the spa. The meals can be organised individually in the restaurant, where every day there is a noon menu.


We are awarding our loyal guests...

Discount for the regular guests: this possibility is favouring the regular guests or those who spend many nights with us.
Our guests are collecting stamps in a point-collecting book. One spent night equals one stamp that can be exchanged for discount. After collecting 15 stamps it is possible to exchange it in such a way that from the current invoice we are deducting the collected discount, which means 250 HUF / night.

The discount is valid for a living unit and not per person.


    Camp-site’s fee throughout the year in one’s own living unit
    Adults 2 000 HUF / night
    Children 3 – 13,99 years 1 500 HUF / night
    Caravan + car 1 400 HUF / night
    RV 1 400 HUF / night
    Caravan 700 HUF / night
    Car 700 HUF / night
    Tent 700 HUF / night
    Power fee 800 HUF / night
    Dog fee 500 HUF / night
    Storage fee 500 HUF / night
    Lunch or dinner 2 190 HUF/portion
    Breakfast 2 450 HUF/portion

    The accommodation fees contain the spa tickets and the use of salt-chamber equalling the number of guest nights
    Discounted spa entry on the day of leaving: 1,700 HUF / person
    Rooms, wooden houses can be occupied from 14.00 on the day of arrival. Leaving until 10.00, otherwise we may apply an extra fee of HUF 1,000 for every commenced hour!

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